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July 22


02:47 am - 02:47 am

The return of Trade Conferences International’s second annual BankTech Conference has given hope among industry experts.

The conference programme will address how banking technologies are ensuring profitability in operations, and how developments in artificial intelligence, regulation technology, cloud computing, cybersecurity and digital banking are affecting the financial services space.

The panel of speakers include representatives’ of the major players in the industry which creates hope for all consumers and thought leaders to engage during the two day event.

Here are the sessions to be covered which are causing disruption in the adoption of new technologies:

• Challenges of adopting new technologies in the financial services

• Introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning

• Regulation and compliance governing new technologies in financial services

• Fraud detection and prevention during the adoption of new technologies

• Implementation of automated cloud based technologies

The event will be attended by professionals handling a variety of profound themes such as the following: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Fintech, Cyber Security, IT, Regulation, Data, Fraud, Technology and Machine learning.

Last year’s conference was attended by representatives from major banks, financial services, services providers and independent financial consultants.

This conference is organised by Trade Conferences International (TCI), the preferred event organiser for Southern African major banks since 2002. TCI successfully hosted more than 300 national events for the past 16 years within banking, finance technology and IT industries, featuring top-level decision – makers and industry experts.

Learn more about TCI:

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To register as a delegate e-mail Xavier Dipedi on or

For Sponsorship opportunities e-mail: or call 011 803-1553.