November 13


08:30 am - 04:00 pm

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The U.S. Secret Service New York and Newark Field Offices are inviting you to participate in a National Seminar for Cyber Incident Response.

The U. S. Secret Service continues to forge new partnerships in furtherance of its mission to pursue and apprehend cybercriminals globally. Enhancing cyber resilience is a key element in this mission, with incident response at its core.

The Secret Service has developed a seminar defining incident response through real-life representatives of the different stages of a cyber incident. Showcasing their combined experience and unique perspectives, the Secret Service is using this as an opportunity to promote cyber resilience by hearing first-hand from experts in the field of incident response.

The seminar is further built upon the Secret Service success in identifying, locating, and arresting cybercriminals responsible for some of the most significant and widely publicized public and private industry data breaches, and its in-depth analysis of methods and tools used by cybercriminals.

Opening remarks by U.S. Secret Service Director James Murray.

Followed by real-life representatives of the different stages of a cyber incident and the subsequent response. These include a convicted hacker, and Department of Justice representatives from the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section and U.S. Attorney Offices of the New York and New Jersey districts. Secret Service private industry partners who serve as chief information security officers and counsels will share their subject matter expertise.

The Electronic Crimes Taskforce Program

As a result of the convergence of advanced technology and the Internet, both the quantity and sophistication of cybercrimes targeting financial institutions and critical infrastructure have increased. The Secret Service cybercrime mission has expanded the scope of its investigative efforts beyond traditional limits. The Secret Service established an Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF) Program to create a network of trusted partnerships to combat cybercrime through coordinated investigations, training, and technical expertise and information sharing. Furthermore, the Secret Service has continued cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships with law enforcement agencies around the globe, leading to successfully extraditing criminal suspects residing overseas to face prosecution in the United States.

If interested in attending, please contact your local Secret Service ECTF representative or a Secret Service field office.