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December 11


02:11 pm - 02:11 pm

Monthly webinars to help leaders with digital accessibility challenges to find solutions as they accelerate digital projects.

Join us at our free monthly webinar where we you can discuss a different hot topic with our top accessibility experts each month .

If you’ve only got 1 hour a month to improve your digital accessibility knowledge, this is where to spend it!

Upcoming Webinars

  • 23rd June 2022 – Exploring the intersection between D&I and Digital Accessibility – what practitioners from each specialism can learn from each other. Diversity & Inclusion strategies often neglect a focus on accessibility as a way of delivering inclusion for staff with disabilities. Accessibility strategies often neglect a focus on staff, concentrating just on customers with disabilities. People in each of the two disciplines often miss their common aims, by not doing enough to understand each other. In this session our CEO Jonathan Hassell is joined by Diversity & Inclusion expert Toby Mildon, to explore the overlap between D&I and accessibility, and show how together they can help drive a cohesive inclusion strategy. Jonathan and Toby have worked together frequently over the years, and each will share what they have learned from the other that has shaped the way they approach their jobs. They will discuss what the disciplines have in common, the language of D&I, and where they can support and help each other. Come and join us for some fun conversation and honest answers.
  • 21st July 2022 – Make your draft digital accessibility plan in one hour – a guided demonstration of the Digital Accessibility Maturity Scorecard. To deliver accessibility effectively and efficiently where you work, you need a plan. But many organisations focus their efforts on the wrong things without a clear strategy. The ISO 30071-1 Digital Accessibility Maturity Scorecard provides a quick way of checking how good your current strategy is, and suggests next best steps in 9 areas of maturity for your plan. In this session, the author of the Standard, Jonathan Hassell, and the creator of the Scorecard, Peter Bricknell, will walk you through the Scorecard, showing you how to complete it to find your current level of accessibility, and create a draft or updated accessibility plan using its results and next step recommendations. Attend and complete the Scorecard live in the session on your own. Or sign up a colleague to do it with you – bringing together more than one perspective can give a more holistic response. Whether you’re new to accessibility, or have an established plan you wish to check or refresh, this hour will help take your plan to the next level

How our webinars help you

Whatever your role in delivering digital accessibility, these webinars are designed to help you develop your accessibility knowledge and maturity in your organisation.

Accessibility is a critical part of the digital product development process, and we all need to make sure that, in the rush to get products delivered, we don’t short-change those with accessibility issues.

In talking to our network and clients at Hassell Inclusion, it’s clear they’re facing many challenges with this, at a time when digital is more important than ever before.

Our Digital Accessibility Experts Live webinars allow digital leaders and their teams to ask us their accessibility questions and get answers from our Hassell Inclusion accessibility experts.

Each month our webinar takes an important accessibility topic and shares practical advice and tips, from the perspectives of developers, designers, content authors, testers and the digital and product managers who lead them.

Come and be part of our accessibility community, and get expert advice from our experienced team who can help you get the benefits out of inclusive design.

About Hassell Inclusion