We are in a newer culture in the digital and virtual world, and the actions taken in the past to protect proprietary products no longer have that much affect. Those that are involved in the cybercrimes of digital piracy have developed sophisticated and underhanded methods to supersede, create live platforms for streaming digital sources, and even trade stolen software on the dark net. What businesses need to know and understand is that the pirates see value and profit in all forms of digital piracy, and there are steps that can be taken to circumvent them.

While private citizens are on a continual hunt to get access to pirate software and sources, the perpetrators are extending their reach beyond the entertainment world, and there is money to be made in stealing products that have been years in the development. 

  • Change the pricing model: Many organizations are altering their pricing from a higher end that deters the average individual to a more reasonable SaaS model that is attractive to the average individual. As more people buy into the reduced cost, it removes the incentive for theft by the pirates. 
  • Education about Sharing passwords: It’s estimated that around 42% of GenZ viewers of entertainment share their passwords; 35% of millennials, 19% of GenX, and 13% of baby boomers also fall into this problem area.  This “everyone does it” attitude has expanded so that some have an attitude that it isn’t illegal. However, illegal access to online streaming can expose the users to everything from malware to viruses, and these can open them to identity theft. 
  • Multiple barrier Levels: In the past, having a login and password was sufficient to keep theft of intellectual property to a minimum. In today’s world, there is now a requirement for multi-layered access points as well as high level detection for breaches and a strategy for enforcement against the thefts. 
  • Tracking, Detection, and Actions: The former rather loosely designed networks for access of proprietary property now requires the ability to track from the source, detect when and where a breach has occurred in real time.
  • Coordinated Efforts of Like Companies: This means that organizations that might have previously been considered competitors may need to band together to institute guidelines and share the type of sophisticated barriers to all like companies. This may sound like strange bedfellows, but the outcome is to benefit everyone in the deterrence of digital piracy. 

There may never be a way to stop this form of cybercrime completely, but the main goal is to make use of every method available to reduce the hemorrhaging and transition the public’s understanding of how digital piracy hurts all in the final outcome. 

“CyberEd maintains constant vigilance in educating both consumers and organizations on the nuances of digital piracy that can hurt their business and personal lives. We coordinate efforts to analyze and offer recommendations and strategies to assist in fighting against the cybercriminals. We also work closely with legal experts and law enforcement to assist in trapping those perpetrators that are involved.”




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